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Important First Date Tips


You never get a second chance
to make a good first impression.

The time has arrived for your first date with a person you met online and you are both excited and nervous. After all, this will be the one and only chance you have to make a good first impression. It will help determine whether or not there will be

Luckily there are things you can do to enhance that first impression:

1) Be Very Clean
Your hygiene will be noticed right off the bat. Make sure you are very clean and well-groomed. Shower, brush and floss your teeth, make sure your nails (particularly for men) are nicely trimmed) and that your hair is just right.

2) Dress Nice
Make sure your clothes matched and that they are ironed! Wear colors that compliment you or and outfit that has received compliments in the past.

3) Be on Time
It's important that you are on time to your first date. Leave early enough to be early and make sure you know where you are going! Take the person's cell phone number with you in case anything comes up. If you're going to be late, call them on time and let them know.

4) Exude Confidence
Be extremely confident on your date. When you meet your date, look him/her in the eye and say something like "It's great to finally see you!" If you've established closer relations online, give your date a hug without hesitation.

5) Keep the Focus on Your Date
A big mistake many people (particularly men) make on a first date is talking too much about themselves. On a first date, you should make the focus learning about the other person. You will appear much more interested and interesting as a result. Carefully listen to what your date says and use what they say to create additional questions. When a person knows you listen, it sparks their interest in you.

6) Don't Cross Your Arms
Crossing your arms gives off a non-verbal message that you are bored. Instead, lean in slightly and look the other person in the eyes when you speak.

7) Be Yourself, But Don't Be Negative
Be yourself. Let your guard down and enjoy the time you are spending on this date. Avoid negative topics like past partners, politics, etc.. Keep the conversation positive. People are more attracted to those who are positive.

8) Compliment, But Don't Over Compliment
Complimenting a person 2-3 times during the course of your date is a good idea. And in the initial introduction to your date, it's a good idea to positively comment on your date's appearance or something else positive about them ("wow, I really like that outfit" or "you look really nice"). Too many compliments may make the person wonder about you! So keep it to 2-3.

9) Men - Pay the Bill
When the check comes it is perfectly appropriate for the man to immediately take the bill and cover it (not with a napkin). Don't leave time for there to be an awkward moment. In fact, it's perfectly fine to let your date know in advance that you'll be paying for it. It sets you up as a responsible person.

10) Part with Confidence
You started the date with confidence, now ending the date with confidence is just as important. Men, if you had a good time and could tell by your date's body language that she did too, then feel free to tell her you'd like to go on a second date. "I really enjoyed getting to know you better and would like to see you again." If you did not enjoy the date, then don't say something like "I'll call you" then not call her. That is tacky and a bad reflection upon your character. Women, if you enjoyed the date, be sure to let it be clearly known. You want to make sure the guy has the right "signals" to know that he will face success in asking you out again ("I had a really great time with you tonight," etc.).

Meeting someone for the first time is definitely a thrilling experience. Just remember that you will take out of the experience what you put into it. By using the above tips, you'll not have to worry about needing a "second chance" to make a good first impression. You'll nail it the first time.


Joe Tracy is an online dating expert and the publisher of Online Dating Magazine. He is also editor of the Relationship Views newsletter.

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